Posted October 16, 2012 by Samantha Alexander in Fashion

Fashion’s Night Out International


allas Fashion’s Night Out was big this year, so big in fact that it was easy to forget that Fashion’s Night Out is a global event. In case you were too caught up in Dallas Fashion’s Night Out to really notice anyone else’s here is some FNO footage from around the world

The best way to start off a list of international FNO videos is with Paris, a city you can’t even begin to think about without  envisioning  high-end couture.

Next stop is another place of fashion fame, London.

also Russia, a fashion scene that’s not quite as well known here in the U.S.A. but still thrives

And last but certainly not least…..Dallas. I know I know this is suppose to be international FNO footage, but our Fashion’s Night Out was just so good I had to put it with these fashion famous cities. What do you think, how does Dallas FNO stack up against the the rest of the world?

Samantha Alexander

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Samantha Alexander is employed by YouPlus Media, and is a contributing author for YouPlusStyle. She also works as a freelance model at various Dallas fashion events as well as with local photographers on fashion-inspired projects.