Posted October 9, 2012 by Samantha Alexander in Fashion

Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style Blog Proves You’re Never Too Old to Be Fabulous


hy is it that people think once you become a senior citizen you’re not allowed to do things like be fashionable? It seems that once you’ve received your AARP card it’s inappropriate for you to wear anything that’s not plain and sensible. Well the people at the Advanced Style blog are working, and succeeding fabulously, at changing this perception. This street fashion blog showcases both senior ladies and gentlemen in an array of fantastic fashion, and trust me they have some serious style, the kind that will inspire outfits of your own.  Some wear pants with crazy animal prints and big sunglass while others wear elegant hats and gloves. What’s great is that these men and women don’t believe age limits their creative expression through fashion or their capacity to be free and have fun. They all have their own unique perspectives on style and life and how the two go together. Ari Seth Cohen the creator of Advanced Style is also working on an Advanced Style film that will showcase some his favorite men and women that he has photographed for his blog.

Samantha Alexander

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Samantha Alexander is employed by YouPlus Media, and is a contributing author for YouPlusStyle. She also works as a freelance model at various Dallas fashion events as well as with local photographers on fashion-inspired projects.