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Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her Short Hair at MTV Video Music Awards

Miley Cyrus 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, held


kay, Miley Cyrus.  We get it.  Everything about Hannah Montana is in the past. Your are SO punk rock and rebellious that we have a hard time imagining you as a Disney darling any longer.  We get that you’re bucking the norm and engaged at 19.  We get that you want to assert yourself and smoke salvia if you feel like it.  But why did you have to get rid of your lovely locks to do it?

Miley Cyrus sported the new ‘do at the MTV Video Music Awards last night, looking more like Pink than Hilary Duff these days.

She hasn’t been known for her gorgeous hair exclusively, but it was a part of her girlish appeal.

And now that is gone.


on’t get me wrong.  I love short hair on a woman.  My sister has rocked several version of cropped hair over the years, and it looked fabulous.  She got compliments on it everywhere she went.  Men loved it, women loved it.  But she wore it that way because it was her innate style.  (Plus, she was a little lazy in the hair styling department.)

Miley, however, is different.  I don’t know that this look is her true style.  I think this could just be that “leave me alone, I’m doing it my way” declaration that most teens make when trying to unglue from their strict parents.  Or in her case, the paparazzi.  Remember the Britney Spears hair shaving incident?

Only time will tell if this look will last.  Here’s hoping that if she makes it down the aisle, Miley goes less over the top.  It won’t have to mean a soccer mom haircut, but one that can’t be spiked might be a good start.

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