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Kristen Stewart: Rebel Style the New Sexy?


ot on the heels of the release of those unflattering photos of actress Kristen Stewart canoodling with her “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders, Twi-hards are either wiping away tears or heading for the mall.  How does a 21-year old Stewart, who isn’t known for her warm, fuzzy demeanor or flirtatious attitude hook a 41-year old married father of two and earn the moniker “trampire?”  With rebel style, of course.

Sporting this style is in NO way recommended to begin a tryst with a married person.  But, there may be something ladies can learn from Stewart-men of all ages like a low-maintenance lady.  I think we can all agree that low-maintenance includes the following:

I Just Woke Up” Hair:

This is My Boyfriend’s Shirt” Look:

Kristen Stewart Jeans. kristen-stewart-and-converse-

“I Moonlight As a Rock Star” Make-up:

Kristen Stewart Style

“I Could Care Less What Anyone Thinks” Shoes:

Kristen Stewart Style

“I Don’t Need Sexy Clothes” Clothes:

Kristen Stewart Style

There you have it.  Sloppy could possibly be the new sexy.  The requirements are minimal: a flannel shirt, worn-in t-shirt, skinny jeans or an old pair with plenty of tears, a black leather jacket, black eyeliner, and a comfy pair of Converse sneakers.  Shampoo optional.

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