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Keep It Dapper, Keep It Dry


hat do you get when you combine Northpark’s Original Penguin with local mixologist Jason Kosmas? Well, I’m not totally sure, but I did get the most interesting cocktail I have ever tasted at Original Penguin’s ‘Keep it Dapper, Keep it Dry” event last week.

Kosmas showed me the ins and outs of gin by mixing up some pretty peculiar cocktails. His alcohol of choice was Hendrick’s Gin, which claims to be for ”those rare individuals who are excited by what is strange and different.” Upon entering the dapper little store, I was given 3 drink tickets and was determined to use all of them. As there were 3 different cocktails to try, I figured I would test them all. I kept it pretty casual the first two rounds but for my third drink, I needed to get daring. We’re talking Fear Factor style.

I had saved the Pickle Martini for the third and final drink ticket. It was a little (a lot) strong and had an actual pickle in it (definitely unique). It was a pretty grueling experience, but I came out of it unscathed. I needed about 12 sticks of Orbit, but I was generally unscathed.


Top the party off with some classy clothes and some seriously awesome tacos from Chef Dat, and you have a perfectly dapper way to spend a Thursday night.

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