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Unlikely Fashion Obsession: Troop Beverly Hills


f you were a child of the late 80’s, had a child in the late 80’s, or just watch a lot of old movies on late night cable, you may remember a little known Shelley Long film called “Troop Beverly Hills“.  The story is comical and predictable: Phyllis Nefler (Long) is a posh Beverly Hills housewife  and shopping addict. As she goes through a divorce from her husband, (played by Craig T. Nelson,) she volunteers to become the leader of daughter Hannah’s Wilderness Girls Troop.

Can she help them sell the required boxes of cookies and make it to the Wilderness Jamboree, or will her love of fashion stand in the way?  Rent it on Netflix and find out.  In the meantime, check out how what was old is new again.

Troop Beverly HIlls

The adorable fascinator that Phyllis is wearing above in the film was popular again this winter in a replica from












Her Wilderness Girl cape looked awfully familiar in the Celine collection in recent years.

And her beaded dress in the opening scenes looks as if it could be right off the present day red carpet!











Oh, and Louis Vuitton monogram (worn with crisp neutrals) never goes out of style….. Right, Angie?







For even more decadence and fashion inspiration, watch the film with a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints.

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