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The Easiest Way to Update Your Wardrobe


e live in a world of divas gone digital, with 22% of women shopping online at least once a day.  Once a day!  Even in a struggling economy, we love to shop.  According to the Luxury Market Report, “Research has shown that women are stressed, have little time to shop, and would generally like help in determining the right clothes and styles to wear. With over 61 million U.S. women between the ages of 25-54 spending over $34 billion in apparel each year, there are sure to be some mistakes made in clothing choices.”  With these two facts in mind, it makes sense that women want instant purchases that save them time and money, but will get the most for their dollar.

Here is where it gets tricky: what can a woman buy that will add value to her wardrobe and stay fresh for the long haul?  You don’t want to skew too trendy, and you don’t want to be too conservative and boring, so what is the best buy for your buck?  The answer is: a belt.

Yep, a belt.  Want to know why?  A belt can come in any color, fabric, style, shape, size, and be laden with ornamentation or nothing at all.  Unlike shoes that can show wear very quickly, a belt usually maintains its shape and luster for a long period of time.  And, it can literally change the look of an outfit.

Whether the look is your favorite pair of worn out jeans or your wedding gown, a belt can make the outfit shine. Check out these links to some great, affordable belts I found.

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