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Create the Perfect Valentine’s Day Card From Your Phone


n this crazy fast digital age, things have to be mobile in order to be crossed off the to-do list.  Gone are the days of handwriting each little Valentine’s Day card to be placed into a decorated shoe box; now we e-card each other for any and every occasion.  Didn’t know you could send your sweetheart a personalized card via cell?  Prepare to be enlightened.

“We’ve seen such a large percentage of photos being uploaded from mobile phones. Like many of our products, we are looking to adapt to the trend. Users can create magnificent Valentine’s Day cards from their cell phone photos, without worrying about the picture quality,” says Rahnel Romasanta, Senior Manager of Design and Merchandising for KODAK Gallery. This is the first time KODAK Gallery has utilized square boxed collage photo layouts that’s easier for social networking photos and mobile phone photos. With these designs spreading across photos books, cards, notebooks, and Wall Art, Valentine’s Day shoppers will find the perfect gift set for that special someone in their life.

If you think you’re too cool for V-day, think again. According to the US Census Bureau, 180 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually, making Valentine’s Day the second-most popular greeting-card-giving occasion behind Christmas. Kodak decided to capitalize on this by offering distinct styles so you can find a sentiment that fits your style (or the style of your beloved).

KODAK Gallery’s Love Flourish design is a great take on Sophisticated Script. With these designs spreading across everything from notepads, to mugs, and dozens of gifts, users will be able to create complete gift sets in no time.

KODAK Gallery’s Modern Love Valentine’s Day card designs are simple and clean with fresh and clean white backgrounds with Iconic Hearts. The design is a cool and funky take on the traditional collage layout. With these cards, the square photo-holes and smaller size work great with the customer’s FACEBOOK and mobile photos.

So, it’s official.  You have NO excuse for forgetting to send a Valentine this year.  If you have a phone, you have a way.

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