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Lingerie Tips


oday’s tip comes from the style gurus over at local online boutique,  The Blissful Gypsy, who know the importance of organizing your closet to make the most of what you have.  Let’s talk lingerie.  You probably have the basic everyday stuff: panties, bras, etc.  But what about the novelty stuff? The sexy stuff?  The va va va voom stuff? Most women keep these items crammed into a tiny drawer where it crinkles up and loses its appeal.  Worse yet, you probably don’t even think about it very often, since it’s “out of sight, out of mind”.


Instead of letting all that loveliness go to waste and stay buried inside of a drawer, how about buy some posh hangers and put those babies on display?  Well, not quite on display, but hanging neatly in your closet?  This keeps them in your mind’s eye and also looking fresh. You’ll find yourself more tempted to put on those sweet nothings when you see them begging to be worn, so do yourself (and your sweetheart!) a favor and get thee to a store with luxe hangers, like these satin padded versions.  You’ll look and feel sexier, and the end result may be burning more calories in the process!

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