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Decorating with Trays


ne item that adds a bit of polish as well as function to a room is a decorative tray.  Sometimes they serve no purpose other than to look pretty and house coffee table books, but other times they work beautifully as a serving tray when guests are present.  The great news about decorative trays is that they can be relatively inexpensive, re-purposed, or fill a space that otherwise has you stumped.  Where to find a decorative tray, you ask?  You can find them virtually anywhere.  Locally IKEA, vintage shops, high-end furniture stores, and antique flea markets are all good places to start.  I personally love Lula B’s when hunting down a tray with vintage character, but for the pricier versions, check out Thomasville or Weir’s.  Hobby Lobby and HomeGoods also have trays-some high gloss, some more rustic.

Once you find the tray that speaks to you and you know the prefect place for it, it’s time to add contents.  If it’s for the kitchen, why not consider canisters of your basic necessities: flour, sugar, etc.?  A tray for your tea pot, sweeteners, and a small bowl with lemon slices or honey always produces a warm, cozy feeling.

If your bedroom needs a decorative tray, your favorite books, reading glasses, a pen, and perhaps a coffee mug are good ideas.  Bathroom trays are especially helpful for wrangling cologne and perfume bottles, a hairbrush, small toiletries, or sweet-smelling candles.

A living room can always benefit from the quiet beauty of a tray.  I keep one on my sideboard with a framed photo of my in-laws, a cluster of candles of different heights ( ALL flameless that work by remote!) and a few vintage books.  They can also be useful for giving your television remote a home so it doesn’t wander off.  Also, it isn’t a coincidence that most of the trays below feature fresh flowers. Flowers add instant flair and make any room look more expensive.

To get inspiration on how to decorate with a tray, check out these lovely images of how they can spiff up a room.

(Check out the awesome Hermes tray below. Swoon.)

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