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Rent The Runway: Turning Your Wardrobe Dreams Into Reality

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f it were up to me, I would dress like Serena van der Woodsen every day. But unfortunately I am neither an NYC socialite nor a fictional character. So maybe I won’t be able to rock the latest trends from top designers every day, but thanks to Rent The Runway, I can occasionally rent my way towards emulating Miss van der Woodsen and her long, blonde locks.

Rent The Runway is a brilliant tool that allows you to rent your dream wardrobe at 90% off retail prices. You can rent everything from cocktail to black tie, floor-length to mini, and you can now rent purses and jewelry. No shoes though, this isn’t a bowling alley (ew).

If you’re like me (a 20-Something college student), you have a lot of formal events to attend. And if you’re really like me (fussy and fashion-conscious), than you need not only a fabulous dress at every one of these formal events, but a different one. I LOATHE wearing the same formal dress more than once. In an era where everyone documents everything via pictures, I deeply fear the judgement that might come from being photographed in the same formal wear more than once. What if I looked better one night? I don’t need to be one-upping myself. Rent the Runway has forever eased my terror.

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And it’s insanely easy to navigate. The site breaks everything down into categories (Girl’s Night Out, Date Night, Beach Wedding, etc…). Shop by designer, occasion, dress length or color; you’re guaranteed to find what you need.Worried about picking the wrong size? RTR lets you pick two sizes for the price of one. Ingenious!

So the next time you need to look perfect for that steamy date or want to step up your game at a wedding, pull it all together at Rent The Runway, just don’t forget to provide your own shoes.