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jessica alba golden globes
jessica alba golden globes
jessica alba golden globes

Golden Globes Fashion: Get the Look from Rent the Runway

ot only was last night a great night to be a girl, it was a great night for fashion. There were more hits than misses at the Golden Globes this year, leaving me with some serious fashion envy. Thank goodness...

Rent the Runway and Make Up Forever Kick Off the Holidays

f you've noticed, holiday decorations are being put up at this very moment.  It's become the trend to gear up for the holidays earlier and earlier every year, because let's face it: the holidays make yo...


Rent The Runway: Turning Your Wardrobe Dreams Into Reality

photo courtesy of ideas.thenest.com
f it were up to me, I would dress like Serena van der Woodsen every day. But unfortunately I ...