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Observations From the Judge’s Table


t’s finally here-the first home game of the season.  Dallas Stars Home Openers are always amazing, and I’m proud to say that this year I had a hand in helping choose some new faces of the organization. Coordinator Wendy Dutton does a phenomenal job of training a poised, professional, and well-rounded group by Opening Night.  All those little moments from auditions and training camp culminate into a exciting first evening for a Dallas Stars Ice Girls rookie. As promised, here are some insights to my experience as a Dallas Stars Ice Girls judge at try-outs this year and some tips for girls who may give it a try next season.

Observation #1: Just because you’re beautiful and a great skater doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a spot on the squad.  Although being a knock-out certainly tips the scales in your favor, attitude is everything.  When I interviewed Coordinator Wendy Dutton, she stressed that a positive, helpful attitude and respect for those in charge (as well as the fellow Ice Girls), ranked incredibly high on the judge’s criteria.

Observation #2: When crafting your answers in Personal Interview, stay away from anything that might call your good judgment into question.  Almost everyone we interviewed this year had heartfelt, genuine answers that were well-spoken and appropriate, but you don’t want to be the one girl who should be auditioning for Jersey Shore instead of Ice Girls.  This means no anecdotes involving alcohol, no swearing, and no commentary on “hot button” issues.  ‘Nuff said.

Observation #3: You don’t have to come into the room demanding everyone’s attention when you are performing your dance, but you DO have to exude something special.  There were several girls who were technically trained dancers and nailed every bit of the choreography, but they didn’t have a spark about them.  Big smiles are a huge plus, as well as a little sass when you’re doing your moves.  If you look like your concentrating too hard on the routine or I can tell that you’re daydreaming about your boyfriend, suddenly the girl next to you looks more and more like a potential Ice Girl than you do.

Observation #4: What you wear DOES matter.  If it’s colorful, sparkly, and fits you like a glove, wear it.  Showing up in your dance pants from 8th grade and your roommate’s sports bra isn’t the worst you can do, but you’ll look and feel more confident if you’re presenting yourself like every man’s dream girl and every woman’s envy. Plus, who doesn’t like sparkles? (Side note: if it can be mistaken for lingerie or IS lingerie, you’ve gone too far.  Put a tank top over it.)

All this may sound like common sense, but hey, not everyone thinks things through before they set out to become adored by 18,000 fans. More observations to come….

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