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Free Pinkberry for a Year? Gimme That.


will always go out of my way for Pinkberry. Other froyo joints are fine, but Pinkberry is the ultimate. The barrels of frozen yogurt I’ve eaten over the past year gives me the authority to say that. But life’s truth holds even for a cup of yogurt: you get what you pay for. Pinkberry ain’t cheap, but luckily Pinkberry is offering free yogurt for a year (valued at $3,000 excusez-moi??) to one lucky winner.




Obviously I was all over this so here’s the down low. From October 10 until Novemerber 21, 2012,  all you have to do is download their free Pinkberry Loyalty App (or “Pinkcard”) for your iPhone or Android and fill out a registration form. It’s super easy and strangely fun. You get to pick a tagline for yourself (“Swirls Just Wanna Have Fun”) which I really enjoyed. Up your chances by referring your friends and enter for the grand prize or other Pinkberry-licious awards. The toppings on the froyo is that you get a free small yogurt just for downloading the app and a freebie on your birthday. Not to shabby, Pinkberry!

If you for some reason do not own a smart phone, (I guess that’s still possible) you can pick up the card at the store and register online at and click on the promotion links through Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. And if you’re really technologically challenged or maybe just prefer to be old school, you can always just send your application in the mail.

I used to be really negative about these kinds of things. Picture me as that pouty kid in kindergarten who sat in the corner whining that he never wins anything. That used to be me. But a light bulb went off about a year ago when I realized that someone, somewhere must win these things, so why couldn’t it be me? It has yet to ever be me, but I’m staying optimistic.

Sorry I’m not

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