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3 Reasons to Love: A Community Cooks

a community cooks


Community Cooks” the open-air, grand tasting experience at We Over Me organic farm, gives attendees a taste of some of the best cuisine in Dallas, served up by the acclaimed culinary leaders themselves. Having seen photos from last year’s event, I should have known it was going to be as lovely as the pictures, but seeing it in person was more than we could have imagined.

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Beautifully arranged white tables clothed tables, warm and pretty flower arrangements, wheelbarrows of wine and beer, and pop-up kitchens with chefs from some of our favorite restaurants surrounded the football-field-turned-organic-farm with a live DJ at the helm. It was a Pinterest worthy event for a cause that was close to many hearts.

a community cooks

In its third year, the event expertly immerses its guests into the wild fire energy of the organic business that began in 2009. The WE Over Me Farm greenhouse, donated and constructed by the Associate Leadership Council (ALC) of The Real Estate Council of Dallas, allows the farm to harvest seeds from each season’s crop supply and grow plants from these seeds in the greenhouse in the colder winter months, leading to more abundant production in year-round growing seasons. The greenhouse also helps We Over Me achieve their goal of addressing the lack of affordable, healthy food options available to economically depressed areas in the City of Dallas as well as create a replicable model for achieving sustainable urban re-development.

Umami Burgers from DISH

Umami Burgers from DISH

So after my rant about all that is pretty and good about “A Community Cooks,” I’ll get down to my initial plan when beginning this post: to give you three solid reasons to attend this event every year for the rest of your life.

1. Healthy food should be achievable for all

  • The new veggie burger at Burger King doesn’t count…

2. Everyone loves a good buffet

  • Especially when it has food from restaurants like Bolsa, Boulevardier, Dish, Hibiscus, Dragonfly, and soooooo many more

3. You’ll feel infinitely cooler for having gone

  • Yeah, it’s $75, but it’s an incredible cause, and a great opportunity for an Instagram


{for more photos from A Community Cooks, head to our YouPlusDallas Flickr}

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