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Products We Love: Haybands


n my world, every holiday (apart from maybe Presidents Day) deserves an accessory. If you knew me as a child, than you know that not much has changed since then. I used to rock an insanely ornate headband for every major occasion. One fashion moment stands out in particular: a Christmas headband with actual Santa figurines dancing around actual light up Christmas lights. I must have looked like a walking parade float, but I loved it!

haybands mardi gras

Being over the age of 12 has forced me to tone it down a little, but it’s still fun to find creative ways to celebrate a holiday. While searching for a way to express my Irish heritage this St. Patrick’s Day, I came across Haybands, a collection of hair tyes and headbands by a clever gal from New Orleans. The designs are adorable on their own, but the best are the seasonal headbands.

I’m obsessed with the St. Patrick’s Day Hayband, but I’m kind of obsessed with all of them. I have officially found a (slightly) more grown up way to express my inner holiday spirit throughout the year. R.I.P. Santa figurine headband.

haybands st. patrick's day

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