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“Bros,” Just a Group of Guys, Almost Getting it Kind of Together


he trailer for “Bros” is almost identical to the one for “Girls” season two, minus the see-through mesh top, though that could only have made it better. But not much better, seeing as this guaranteed to be my new favorite series of webisodes. Yes, I watch webisodes. They’re so portable.

But what’s brilliant about “Bros” is that they’ve completely nailed the type of guys that would be the “Girls’” counterparts. “Bro” Hannah has bad relationships, big dreams that include a top 1,000 player in Call of Duty, and no income. “Bro” Shoshanna wears outrageous tops that make him sparkle so bright, he looks like a Spencer’s gift. “Bro” Marnie is an abrupt ginger, which is awesome. Unfortunately, we don’t see much from “Bro” Jessa in trailer apart from a furry hood, but that’s fitting.

Favorite Lines

“Murray Hill: lots of chicks, lots of boos, but one thing’s missing, aesthetics.” – ginger

“Be a man about this and drink your adult beverage until it’s done.” – also the ginger

I’m calling that the ginger steals the show.

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