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Valentine’s Day Cards DIY


ven if you have a prince charming, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. As a girl who’s been single for about %95 percent of her Valentine’s Days, I would know. I never dreaded Valentine’s Day. I really like pink, so that helped, and I have amazing parents who always made sure I woke up to pretty flowers, but even after I left home, I loved Valentine’s Day. It’s a day where you can appreciate all the love you have in your life, and at some point I almost always come across a free cupcake. So do something sweet for all the valentines in your life, and do it yourself!



Could these foxy valentine’s from Paper Source be any cuter? I think not. This one’s for the serious Crafty McCraftersons, but it would so be worth it.

knitted heart valentine

I’m not much of a knitter, but I still go on The Sitting Tree on occasion because if anything could inspire me to pick up the hobby, it’s this adorable blog. These hand-knit valentines are cute and incredibly thoughtful.

coco chanel inspired valentineThis Coco Chanel inspired valentine from Ornamelle is so chic. Coco would approve.

i chews you valentine gumballsConsider this clever idea from Love the Day a replacement for those nasty valentine hearts candies. Just thinking about them gets a nasty chalk taste in my mouth.

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