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Mermaid Halloween Costume and Makeup from a Real Life Ariel


y dream Halloween costume has and will always be Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Since I made a pact with myself that I would not debut said dream costume until I could also debut a set of killer abs, that dream will have to stay on the backburner for a few more years.

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But if I were sporting a set of washboard abs, I would take a couple of make up tips from Traci Hines, a make up artist and mermaid performer. That’s right… a mermaid performer. Watch her sing ‘Part of Your World’; she’s amahzing. Apart from getting to channel her inner Ariel all the time and casually being stopped on the street by children thinking she is the real deal, Traci has a sparkling personality and a heartwarming passion and believes her dedication to the character has positively affected her mindset even when not in character.

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“I think a part of me has always been ‘Ariel’ on the inside…even when I am out of costume I think I tend to take more care in how I act and present myself, at least whenever little ones are around, since they always seemed to believe I was her regardless of what I was wearing! Even in jeans on the street I would be stopped and asked almost daily if I was ‘The Little Mermaid.” Like so many other girls out there, I not only see myself in her, but see who I want to be,” said Hines.

Want to complete the look? Shop Traci’s Etsy store for mermaid inspired accessories or visit her official site for inspiration.

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