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The Actresses That Almost Got the Part


eah. I still read sometimes. It was an integral part of my youth and it still has those awesome quizzes (“Are You a Secret Badass?” I don’t know, why don’t I take this little quiz to find out?). Those reasons are all legitimate, but the main reason I still get my on is for their eye-catching articles.

My most recent find? “15 Actresses Almost Cast as Our Fave Leading Ladies.” I don’t know how the site got the scoop but there are life-shattering revelations. Or at least 10 minute-shattering revelations when you try to imagine Cher from Clueless being anyone other than Alicia Silverstone.

Check out the actresses who almost nabbed some of Hollywood’s most coveted roles and try to imagine an alternate universe where Mischa Barton was finally cast in a popular TV show and Regina George looks a lot more like Karen. The face swap can be a little creepy but it’s impressive how well some of them fit!

Emma Roberts as Katniss in The Hunger Games

Lindsay Lohan was almost Lizzie McGuire

Emma Stone was almost Claire Bennet in Heroes

Amanda Seyfried was almost Regina George in Mean Girls

Emily Browning was almost Bella in Twilight

Alicia Silverstone was almost Angela in My So-Called Life

Chloe Moretz was almost Katniss in The Hunger Games

JoJo was almost Hannah Montana

Mischa Barton was almost Gerogina Sparks in Gossip Girl

Sarah Michelle Gellar was almost Cher in Clueless

Jennifer Connelly was almost Veronica in Heathers

Taylor Momsen was also up for the role of Hannah Montana

Molly Ringwald was more interested in playing Allison in The Breakfast Club

Saoirse Ronan was almost Snow White in Mirror Mirror

Drew Barrymore was originally cast as Sidney in Scream

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