Posted July 17, 2012 by YouPlusStyle in Shopping

Paperless Post: A Classy Solution to Evites

An Opening Ceremonies party, Cheers!


e all know the value of getting a good old-fashioned letter, but we also know what a painstaking process sending that letter can be. I just recently bought my first set of postage stamps and am anticipating it lasting me until my first grandchild is born. I’m not proud of my lazy ways, but I do accept them.

Fortunately, I have found a brilliant way to work around my laziness once again: Paperless Post. It bridges the gap between a good old fashioned invitation and an Evite or my personal lazy-girl go-to: a Facebook event!

Paperless Post allows customers to create their own chic, personal stationary that delivers the same quality as paper stationary. Plus, it’s new, cool, and you’re not leaving the receiver with an invitation that can be lost or trash that needs to be thrown away (it’s paperless!). You’re also avoiding paper cuts, which is always ideal. I recently got an Paperless Post invite to go to a Ranger’s game, and it charmed my pants off.

“I love Paperless Post. It has quality options and I think it’s classy,” said Sarah Beauregard, manager of everything at YouPlus Media.

Download the Paperless Post app or visit their site to start sending your own classy creations for any occasion.






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