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5 Fall Date Ideas That Keep You Outdoors

here’s just something about that crisp fall weather that make even the most independent of chicks want to snuggle up and hold hands. That’s why being outside is key for any date you go on this time of ye...

Is It Time for a Change of Pace?

o you know what the next move is in every group fitness class you attend? Can you tell when the instructor misses a step?  Are you no longer seeing results?  If the answer to these questions was yes, then ...


Zumba: Shake Your Way Out of a Fitness Rut!

am a competitor. I have spent the last year going in and out of contest prep mode to mold my body into that of an NPC Bikini athlete. This requires a considerable amount of time in the gym and being on poin...

Empowering Women: The Ladies Roundtable 2011

hat it is: The two-day event’s main goal is to help modern women become successful in the world today. The event will include classes discussing financial issues to exercising, entertainers such ...