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The Hair Bar: Drop In, Blow Out

f you're out and about in Southlake these days, there isn't any excuse for having flat, lifeless hair.  The Hair Bar recently opened its doors to Southlake residents, and the Dragon ladies' coiffures are al...

Sandra Bullock Style: Silly is the New Sexy

sn't Sandy divine? Not that you need proof, but watch the video below and have yourself a merry little Friday. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4l1k4XLvo0


Take a “Me Day” in Dallas

veryone deserves at least one day out of the year to pamper themselves. Whether it’s a full body massage or just a pedicure, a “me day” is often well-deserved. Dallas is full of destinations to make yo...

eos (Evolution of Smooth)

photo courtesy of evolutionofsmooth.com
f you’re one of those people who seems to be in a constant battle with their chapped lips, ...


Put Your Best Face Forward with Clarisonic

our skin is a beautiful thing, and you want to keep it a beautiful thing. We've all been guilty of it (I know I have), we go to bed with our makeup on or simply glob on some nightly cream before passing out,...