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beautiful packages
beautiful packages
beautiful packages

Last Minute Gifts That Won’t Disappoint

o matter how many times I resolve never do it again, I will always wait until the last minute to finish my Christmas shopping. And I’m talking all my Christmas shopping, except for that one random person I...

Jack Black (If I Were a Boy)

good lip balm or hand lotion is worth its weight in gold. Once I discover a good one, I buy up as many as I can get my hands on and keep them in every purse, desk, bedside table or car that I frequent. Pers...


Lena Dunham Loves eos

Dunham in New York Magazine
he ladies of HBO’s ‘Girls’ are as different as they can be, and so is their makeup. Unlike the larg...

eos (Evolution of Smooth)

photo courtesy of evolutionofsmooth.com
f you’re one of those people who seems to be in a constant battle with their chapped lips, ...