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1st Annual Dallas Modern Home Tour This Saturday

hen I heard about the 1st Annual Dallas Modern Home Tour, I was more than giddy with excitement for two reasons: 1. I love home tours. (Who doesn't?) 2. The curator of the fabulous homes on the tou...

Simple Homemade Christmas

oday's post is one of inspiration.  Sometimes I see pictures in magazines of people's homes decorated for the holidays and I feel inadequate.  My tree doesn't have a theme; in fact, the ornaments are a mis...


If I Lived There….

ne of the things I love most about Candy Evans is her ability to suss out the coolest properties in the city and present it with titles like "Friday Morning House Porn: Stacked, Stoked, and Staring At The Wa...

If I Lived There…

his gem of a house is listed on Candy's Dirt....talk about a beautiful exterior!  What makes it even more alluring is this gorgeous interior.... (more…)