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How to Open Your Pores And Deep Clean

n these humid, hot summer Texas days, makeup can settle deeply into the pores and begin to clog them up.  Congested pores can lead to larger pores, which isn't the prettiest look for your skin.  Since a ro...

Body Shop Skin Care Road Test Update

ome of you may recall a post that I did a few weeks ago about a skin care try-out I'm doing for The Body Shop.  (You can read the nitty-gritty here.)  With Galleria Dallas hosting their big Beauty Live Eve...


The Body Shop Skin Care Test Drive

sobering fact: a blackhead is a blackish or yellowish plug in the skin that is caused by overactive oil glands. As it hardens, it gets darker in color.  Ewwwwww. Now, I will be honest and confess tha...