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Better For You Banana Muffins!

is the season for baking lots of yummy goodies! If you’re like me, banana bread is one of your favorites. I love to make it for breakfast or for a midmorning snack with my coffee. However, I insist on maki...

Tis The Season for Pumpkin

f you’re like me, fall’s arrival brings with it the excitement of the holidays, cooler weather and PUMPKIN! This is the time of year I look forward to seeing the seasonal flavor make its debut at Starbu...


Healthy Brownies?

e all enjoy a sweet treat now and then, me included!  Over the past year I have spent a lot of time researching ways to cook cleaner, healthier versions of my favorite foods. There are a lot of great resour...

Is It Time for a Change of Pace?

o you know what the next move is in every group fitness class you attend? Can you tell when the instructor misses a step?  Are you no longer seeing results?  If the answer to these questions was yes, then ...


All Nutritional Supplements Are Not Created Equal

t was another successful weekend at the 2012 Europa Get Fit and Sports Expo in Dallas! This event is one of the biggest in the state and had a little something for everyone.  For those interested in bodybui...

Change Your Mindset

utrition is an extremely broad topic of conversation among those in the fitness industry as well as those looking to shed a few extra pounds. It seems that at one point or another everything we eat can be bo...


Zumba: Shake Your Way Out of a Fitness Rut!

am a competitor. I have spent the last year going in and out of contest prep mode to mold my body into that of an NPC Bikini athlete. This requires a considerable amount of time in the gym and being on poin...